Long Distance Program


This program was created to analyze and make sure you are getting through Dr. Kwang’s MyTea program.  The MyTea program is a step by step approach to getting your health back.  It’s a process and each step must be completed before going onto the next step.

The MyTea program is effective and fast getting the maximum benefit requires careful inspection.  We are going to monitor your progress every step of the way so giving us as much information when we ask for it is very important.

You can make this program work faster by staying on your diet and following the MyTea protocol.  Tell us ahead of time if you are traveling or stopping the teas for whatever reason so we can make sure you will complete the program.

This program is designed to work quickly and thousands of people have gotten their health back.  We are going to make sure you get the same benefits.

       Always consult with a licensed medical doctor prior to starting an alternative health program.  This information is not intended to provide medical advice and is for educational purposes only.  If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

       Kwang Wellness Center is committed to sending herbal teas to persons 18 years or older who reside in states that do not prohibit or restrict the sale or use of herbal teas.  Void where prohibited based on the laws of your state or country.

Collecting DNA:

1.   Cut 10 strands of hair from the tip. 

2.   If you don’t have any hair then use a cotton swab and wipe the inside of your cheek.

3.   Put hair sample or cotton swab inside a Ziploc bag and seal immediately.

4.   Put sealed Ziploc back in envelope.

New patient form:

5.   Fill out new patient form.

6.   Put new patient form in envelope.

7.   Analysis costs $25.  We take cash, check, money order and Paypal.

8.   Send paypal payment to mydr999@gmail.com.

Existing patient form:

9.   If you are an existing patient fill out this form and separate hair sample with a Ziploc bag.




City:                                              State:                                  Zipcode:           

Email:                                                    Phone:                                                 


Send envelope to: Kwang Wellness Center,

Attn: RUSH - Analysis, 573 W. Broadway, San Gabriel, CA  91776.

Include any medical reports.