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Dr. Kwang Wellness Center8 months ago
I can’t eat, I had so many test done. It’s ridiculous! I was still feeling sick, nauseous, everyday, tired everyday, headaches everyday. Like something is wrong. I can’t eat a regular salad for some reason my stomach starts to burn. But, I want to be healthy first. I don’t wish this on anybody. This has been like the worse couple of months for me. I had several health problems which was Oh taking the flu shot. Negatively my body reacted. White tongue. I had yellow nails. Extreme fatigue. I want to stay in bed for 15-20 hours. I had no appetite, but I was gaining weight. I felt bloated, digestive problems. Night sweats cannot sleep for anything. Everyday wake up in full sweat. You don’t understand I Feel Great! My life has completely changed. You know just these past few weeks and I am just really grateful for Dr. Kwang and his team. Why did you come to see Dr. Kwang? I had several health problems uh which it was taking the flu shots. Negatively my body reacted it was. I had white tongue. I had yellow nails. I had extreme fatigue. I wanted to stay in bed for 15 – 20 hours. I had no appetite, but I was gaining weight. I was bloated, digestive problems, memory fog, extreme memory fog. Like you talk to me like you are talking to me now and three seconds later I’ll say “What did you say?”. I had vision problems, very blurred vision and night sweats cannot sleep for anything. Everyday wake up in a full sweat. Oh, chronic pain in a lot of pain, joint pain, headaches, every single day. Nausea and vomiting every single day. My skin started to change, I had light patches all over my face. A lot of skin discoloration. What have you tried before to handle your health problems? I tried Western Medicine. Doctors ran about 50 different test on me and all the test from ultra testings to upper endoscopy. Everything came back normal, but something was still wrong. I was vomiting every single day. How is the problem now? Wonderful!! My nails are fine and my tongue is fine. My face is fine. My skin is fine. My energy is great. Memories is great. Vision is getting better every single day. I can work out now like I want to. I’m fine and I feel great. What can you do now that you couldn’t do before? Before, the program I couldn’t work out. I was training for a fitness competition and I had to stop completely and training for my competition. I couldn’t lift any weights. I had absolutely no energy. Every day I was feeling like I was passing out. So, I couldn’t go to the gym and work out. I had a hard time working. I couldn’t see certain things I couldn’t read a basic menu from a restaurant. Now, I can sleep very well at night now. No more night sweats. What could you say to someone with similar heath problems about Dr. Kwang’s program? Go see Dr. Kwang please! He’s a miracle worker. I really do appreciate the wisdom and the guidance that he has provided me. It’s made a world of difference in my life. If someone has a similar problem you know as myself previously I would definitely recommended them to see Dr. Kwang. Just let them know that it’s a process healing. Healing is a process trust the process that he has placed you in and you will see definite results. You don’t understand. I feel great! My life has completely changed these past six weeks. 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