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  • I've been helping people with all kinds of health problems related to circulation, and inflammation. During my research and during the process of me developing this program. I found that people who had cancer. Who have done the surgery, chemo, radiation treatments may have not been able to handle the reason why the cancer came in the first place.

What conditions created the cancer in the first place?

Well, the surgery didn't fix it. The chemo definitely didn't fix it. Nor the radiation. The reason why I'm talking about this is because this is the exact situation that I was trying to figure out for my mom. Who's had stage 3+ maybe these days it will be staged 4. But, 20 years ago her cancer situation was on the left breast, she got a radical mastectomy. It removed the muscle, it stripped all the lymph nodes and she was told she was good. Then she got the chemo, rounds of chemo. No sign of cancer and then for good measures she got the radiation.

None of the treatments I can tell you. She can tell you actually made her feel like she treated the cause of the cancer. She absolutely didn't feel the cause the major reason why the cancer started in the first place was handled.

I created this program to help my mom. The short answer is “yes”. This program can improve your body to remove the conditions that are related to inflammation and poor circulation. That when combined in the perfect storm cancer now is created. There is a tremendous amount of information from research the link between inflammation and cancer. During my research I found out the link between inflammation causing poor circulation which now helped me identify more of the cause of cancer. So my protocol focuses on the poor circulation caused by inflammation which is caused by an accumulation of toxins. So let's figure out how you can get better from this program.


So what does this program focus on?

Well it focuses on the reason. Whatever is going on somewhere in your body that is allowing cancer to develop. You might have had removed the cancer, removed your breast. You can remove lymph nodes. You can remove muscle. Some people start removing parts of their lung. Other people take parts of their liver out, colon, prostate, gallbladder, esophagus. But none of the treatment is actually thinking about long-term survival rate. Is it possible to even focus on what happened that even caused the cancer in the first place.

What if whatever caused cancer on the left breast is going to happen on the right breast. Or whatever caused cancer in the breast is now duplicated itself in the lung. Or the brain or the liver. Or in your bones.

So, what is the problem?

Well, the problem is your medical doctor doesn't know. You may have found out very quickly because once they found cancer again the treatment is. Let's do what was successful last time. The last successful thing that we did which was chemo, surgery, and radiation. The only problem is labeling the last treatments as successful is a problem.

If I took my car to the mechanic and he said, “Oh your breaks aren't working.” I said, “Okay fix my breaks.” He says, “Well, your brakes I have to do this and this and then we will see.”I said “okay.”

The mechanic said, “Well I need it for a Day, you gotta find a ride.” Thats okay I''ll find a rental car.

So, I gave him a whole day's work. So, I come back the next day and the mechanic says, “Well you know I did this and this so we're going to find out what happened.” So I take my car and I drive and I find out very quickly that he may had fixed the first problem. But, now I have a second problem. So, his thought process of how to fix the brakes was incorrect in the first place. If I took my car back to the mechanic and he says, “Well I got rid of the first noise, but now you have a different noise.” So, now I am going to go to a different process of thinking about the situation. If it was your car you and I would immediately fire the mechanic. We'll find another mechanic. Hopefully we find a mechanic that says, “You need brake fluid.” You have a air bubble in your break line. Or your brake pads were actually too thin. We need to add new ones. Or your rotor needs to be reshaping whatever that is. When he does that you got your car back. I know that cancer there is more on the line than just breaks. But, it's the same process. You have a problem.

Your doctor I'm going to do this and this. A year or two years later now you have caner again. You can go back to your doctor. He does the test again. Yes, you have cancer. But, its not in the breast that type of cancer because we removed that one. Now, its on the other breast. That's a whole new set of problems. So we are going to do the same exact thing. We are going to remove the other breast. We are going to do chemo and radiation. Deep down inside you know and I know that there is something wrong. The treatment that he is saying is actually not focused on why the cancer got there in the first place. He made cancer so scary that you needed the cancer off your body right away. But, now you have it again so you really think well it could come up somewhere else. It might end up in my spine, bones, liver, colon, stomach, brain.

What's stopping the cancer from going to my brain and my lungs ?

Do I do surgery in the brain?

Do I dig more my brain out and then douse it with chemo and radiation?


So, lets think about this. I first started from my research background, inflammation. There is a very strong link between inflammation and chronic health problems. Cancer is one of them. There is a strong link between inflammation and cancer. Whatever is causing inflammation in your body over a long period of time triggers a change in your body. Whatever change that is and cancer now is created.

So we know that. Cancer is not an infection. I can't breath my cancer on to you. I can't sexually transmit my cancer to somebody else. I can't um hug somebody, physical contact. I can't transfer my cancer to somebody. I created the cancer. My body created the cancer and your body didn't. That's the simplicity of it. The cause is inflammation. Now, some people link cancer into something else to toxins. A lot of people want to create the link between Candida causing cancer. Parasites causing cancer. Viruses causing cancer. Bacteria causes cancer. But, toxins have to incubate in the body. They have to stay in the body for a very long time, years.

Cancer doesn't happen overnight. It doesn't take five years to occur, it takes 10-30 years. So toxins have to create a situation to cause cancer. From my experience detoxing the toxins out is actually more harmful than leaving it alone. Leaving it there. Focusing on the body change is more helpful than detoxing the toxins. We're going to go over that.

The body change is the condition that led to cancer. I'm going to show you that the toxins cause inflammation. Inflammation caused the body change which caused cancer. So, the link between toxins and cancer is separated by inflammation and body change. I tried different strategies to help people with cancer. I found out that detoxing going straight for a detox is worse, than focusing on these two changes. Reducing inflammation is important. That is very important. Now the body change that occurs.

What is the body change?

The best way for me to explain it is reduced circulation. That is a change and that creates a snowball effect that I am going to go over.

So what am I talking about?

Well, poor circulation just sounds very vague. I was trying to find out more about this phenomenon because I didn't know until I discovered it. The body change is not the cells turning into cancer that's already a thing that just happens. If you have the right conditions.

The body change. Multiple things happen during the body change. So this body change, and I call it poor circulation does multiple things.

One it allows toxins to accumulate. The more toxins cause more inflammation which causes more body changes. Second thing: Poor circulation reduces nutrients. You're not able to get enough alkaline foods and oxygen into the body. Into that particular area that has poor circulation. So you now can't get oxygen in and you can't get enough nutrients. That forces the cells. That creates the condition for the cells to live to be able to live in low oxygen and the low nutrient environment. Researchers have confirmed that cancer does not require as much oxygen as normal cells. The metabolism of cancer is so low that it can survive with minimum amount of nutrients. This is all because of poor circulation or these body changes.

The third one and this is an interesting point it creates a barrier between cancer and normal. This poor circulation environment is the difference between a field of grass and the swamp. A nasty wet swamp and you can't run in the swamp. In the fields you can run as fast as you want as far as you want without anybody interrupting you. That's the difference between normal circulation and poor circulation. When you have a situation where this barrier. Stepping into the environment for cancer, circulation slows down. You can't get enough nutrients into that area. You can't get toxins out of the area. So, the environment for cancer can continue. These toxins accumulate which is why previous researchers and  previous practitioners focus on the detox because if you the idea was if I can get rid of the toxins figure out a way to get rid of toxins. I can actually handle the situation and many of them have, but the current protocol now is not working. It has to do with the amount of nutrients available in the food. You can't get enough antioxidants. There's not enough antioxidants to keep the circulation running smoothly and so detoxing first and not handling the circulation actually causes the problem towards.

So poor circulation allows toxins to accumulate which causes inflammation which causes poor circulation. When this is the snowball effect. They reduce the nutrients so we get less oxygen and less nutrients. Now, you have a barrier that you created where this area, where cancer was after the surgery is still there and that area now is going to maybe allow cancer to grow again. That's what we are trying to fix with our program here. It's not very bleak, it's actually quite durable. It's just a different viewpoint trying to accomplish what we want which is. Make sure that the area is so strengthen everything is working so well. That there is no way for cancer to survive.

So let's see how we can do that.

So now we understand what the focus is. But, that doesn't mean that's all we are going to do. But, that is the starting point. We still have to get the toxins out. We still have to get your immune system in to fight the cancer.

But, the first thing we have to do is break down his barrier and allow nutrients to flow in and toxins to flow out. What I found is that it takes 6 weeks. During this time it's just allowing your body to get healthy again. Your lymph system detoxes on its own. Your liver and kidney is eliminating toxins on its own. Your immune system is now going throughout your body cleaning itself up. It's that simple. The reason on why I'm saying all of  this is because its extremely important to figure this out. Doing it in a different way causes more problems. You still can't get better. So, let's figure this out.

The first thing I thought was I was following the parasite detox. The Candida detox. The bacterial or viral detoxes. I found out that eliminating the toxins actually does not do anything to improve the poor circulation. Whatever thing that got created over a long period of time is not going to change by just removing the toxins. I found out that this requires large amounts of antioxidants in a very short time to open up the circulation. It requires antioxidants in a protein form. Antioxidants and Vitamin c form. Antioxidants in Vitamin d form. Different steps of this immune system circulation boosting program is incrementally chipping at this clogged circulation. This cloth circulation has to be in a way that will allow these toxins to come out and they do. If you feel your body up with large amounts of antioxidants in a short time your body just starts eliminating the toxins in the lymph nodes and lymph system. What that does is that it reduces the circulation and then it actually creates a situation where your body can now detox. That's a completely different viewpoint than detox first and then handle the inflammation and don't do anything for the circulation. I found circulation to be key. If you are tired. You're experiencing brain fog, sugar cravings, weakness, body pains that move around a lot. Just feel generally tired. Sometimes lack of appetite. All of these things go away when the circulation improves. It's the strangest thing. People actually get better and better as their circulation improves. Oxygen goes into the cells, nutrients goes into the cells. The toxins come out all at the same time. Instead of just trying to squeeze out the last bit of the toxins. If you opened up the passageway your body can eliminate toxins as fast as it wants. That's what you want.

Step 1: is opening up the ability to eliminate toxins. When you do that all the toxins get released and they're now going through your body and your kidney and liver. They are coming out. You might feel frequent urination and frequent bowel movements that's totally fine. If you don't have frequent urination and frequent bowel movement yet. That's okay too. Just know that your lymph system is now moving the toxins. It's squeezing all the toxins from the lymph system. Moving into the kidney and liver. You might feel digestive bloating. You might feel kidney pain. That's actually normal during step 1.

Step 2: is reduce inflammation. Reducing inflammation is actually another way to improve more circulation. We know that inflammation shuts down circulation. But, if you reduce inflammation you can actually improve circulation more and that's very interesting. During these two steps you are going to feel better. Less achy, more energy, less tired. You won't wake up achy and tired. You actually wake up with energy and no pain. You actually will have energy to do things.

Step 3: handles something that a lot of people don't realize until they get to that point. After you complete step 1 and step 2 you have the energy. You have the pap but it doesn't last very long. You are good for a couple of hours. Then you crash. That is because your immune system is weak. I'm saying all this because it all sounds very simple and it is. These are the 3 steps that we have to get you through. We may have to improve your immune system to built it up. We might have to use Chinese herbs to get rid of the chemicals or the chemo that's in your system. You are going to start thinking of are you going to continue with the tamoxifen or these chemo drugs that are for maintenance. If you feel that much better and you actually feel your body cleansing itself. Your blood test are showing that you are normal.

The argument can also be. I didn't have pain or fatigue in the beginning, but I found out that I had cancer. Yes, that is true. You were use to how your body was running for 20-30 years that you didn't notice the steady decline of your circulation and immune system. If somebody actually felt your lymph nodes and your kidney before you did your medical treatment. They could of told you, you have very poor circulation. Which means you have inflammation. Which means you have toxins. If you didn't do the medical treatment maybe you could of responded better than you did the chemo in the first time.

But, now you have cancer again so you really have to think about what is your option.

Are you going to do chemo, surgery, radiation again?

On the other side of your body. Or now another part of your body? Or are you going to think well maybe the doctor is thinking you don't have to learn to kill the cancer. You just learn to live with it and that's these maintenance drugs that you are suppose to take. These maintenance chemo.

Step one is actually very important. Step one actually moves toxins and actually breaks down the barrier between the cancer area and the normal area. As you improve the circulation the pipeline gets bigger. More things can get in and more things come out. Thats what we want. So now the barrier is gone during step one.

Step 2 is reducing circulation. So whatever pipeline you have reestablished you're going to now make it work better by keeping the inflammation in control. Now, things can go in and come out even faster.

The last thing is boosting the immune system actually stabilizes your body and now you can use your own immune system to heal from the chemo. Any scar tissue that you feel will continue to heal with the boosted immune system. Your stamina is good for the whole day. I know its amazing. The reason why I am saying this is because I'm saying it as a way to handle you now, so you can look forward to an actual future. A quality of life which is why you try to handle cancer in the first place. If you went to the surgery, chemo and radiation. Did exactly what the doctor said. You don't have cancer and you're willing to deal with it. You did everything that you are suppose to and now you have cancer again. So now take the responsibility back and now look for your own solution because there are solutions out there. It might not be something that your doctor likes or he's interested in. But there is a solution out there.

Thank you.

4. So, lets get a little bit more in detail about how this program can work for you. Most people come to me when they finish their treatment. They're on some kind of maintenance program some kind of hormonal thing. Usually tamoxifen. Usually on some kind of oral chemo and it's just because these are just maintenance drugs. The doctor doesn't know if it's working or not. But, it's something and of course not having another solution people are going to take that as their solution. Then find out that the cancer has come back. It has to do with ovarian cancer. Has to do with lung cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer any type of liver cancer, colon cancer. Any type of cancer that was their the treatment erased it. The cancer came back. So, obviously we know that the condition that caused cancer there, is still there.

What I found was inflammation was not eliminated. Poor circulation was created from inflammation. Toxins accumulate due to poor circulation. Then toxins create inflammation and this is the constant body changes that is snowballs over a long period of time. This is all the pieces that create the perfect storm which is cancer. It could occur in your pancreas, breast, lung, brain, esophagus, gallbladder, liver, stomach, colon, prostate , myeloma, lymphomas, skin cancers. You get the picture. We have a situation where there is inflammation which leads to poor circulation. Which leads to toxins to accumulate and this just keeps going on and on.

Then we have another situation. The other situation is now you did chemo and radiation which is fine, but it didn't handle the problem obviously. More times than not the cancer that does come back the doctors don't relate it to the treatment which is correct. But its related to I didn't take care of the real reason why the cancer started in the first place. That's more correct. I may have temporarily shifted your body with chemo, radiation and surgery. But, once your body has rested this process continues again.

A lot of nutritionist, natural practitioners focus on detoxing because is a well-known established protocol. There's a parasite cleanses the Candida cleanses. What to eat and what not to eat. The different herbs and the combinations of things and hopefully we eliminate the toxins. But in a cancer situation when we use the word inflammation. The inflammation has far exceeded what normal inflammation is. Its taken a life on its own just like cancer has. So, that type of inflammation does not respond when you just eliminate the toxins. That inflammation is now on its own not listening to anybody. Its like your cancer. Just having a uncontrolled inflammation will continue to allow poor circulation. The toxins actually trickle back in and start to accumulate again. So you never actually fixed the problem.

So, what I did was I shifted gears instead of focusing on the toxins I went to the other two points poor circulation and inflammation. I said is there something I could do over there fast, that's key. If I can do something fast then we are in good place.

The first thing I did was I boosted the circulation and that created the ability to eliminate the toxins that were in the lymph nodes and lymph system. Those toxins get flushed into the kidney and liver.

So step 1 is the lymph node and vessel detox as pushing toxins out of the lymph system. Which actually is exactly what's needed to improve the circulation problem.

Step two is reduce inflammation. Step 2 is super important because you want to keep the inflammation under control so that the circulation can actually start moving faster. Since you unblocked the circulation problem you can reduce the inflammation and more toxins are going to come out and more nutrients are going to come in.

So the net change. The benefit you are going to get from step 1- step 2 is improved oxygenation and more nutrients and decrease in toxins. How you feel about that is great. You feel better.

Step 3 ties in all the things we have done on step one and step two. It improves your immune system which will reduce the inflammation more. Which will detox any toxins left in your body. It will improve the circulation even more. That's step 3. Now after step 3 we're going to have to reassess because your previous treatments was chemotherapy. Your previous treatments were they were oxygen therapy. Some kind of parasite detox. Candida detox. Liver detox. Kidney detox. All these detoxes you were doing and now we have a situation.

The reason why I am saying this is because it's nothing bad it's just not knowing that you could do something for inflammation and circulation. You might not have gotten all the benefits that you should on the other things you've done.

So we have to look.

Was your immune system weakened by having chemotherapy in your system?

Do you have any residues of chemotherapy left in your body?

We should detox that out. Is your immune system so low that it is no longer able to detect cancer? We have to improve your immune system. Is your body generally deficient in oxygen causing an acidic environment. We have to improve your body's ability to absorb oxygen and push oxygen into every cell. These are the questions we are constantly asking when we are fixing this problem. You've already damaged your body and you heal. What we want is to preserve your body this time and push it past the point where the chance of cancer is high to another area where your chance of cancer is very low. That way you can enjoy your quality of life with your family. Continue to work and continue to do the things that you love.

5. Okay. So now what to expect. Well it depends on where you are now. If you done chemo then we're going to do this. That's okay. If you haven't done chemo thats okay too. If you only done surgery, and radiation that's okay too.

So what to expect is. Step 1 you are going to detox. Every lymph node around the cancer cells and anywhere else in your body is filled with toxins. It's inflamed. Circulation is not so good and the lymph nodes are swollen. So we're going to have to detox your lymph nodes. When I say detox I'm saying we are just going to get your lymph nodes to release the toxins that have filled up. What it does for you is you can see your lymph nodes getting smaller. But, you're going to feel is tiredness, body aches, back pain, abdominal pain because that's just all the toxins in your entire body trapped in these lymph nodes being released. What we have to do on step 1 is get all those toxins to release.

It takes two weeks some people need four. Then after that we are done with step 1.

Step 2 is interesting because we are reducing the inflammation. All those toxins that got flushed out of the lymph system are now being pushed through the kidney and liver. They need to be detoxed out. They cause inflammation because there are toxins coming out of your body. So any type of contact with these toxins causes inflammation. So reducing inflammation on step two actually maintains circulation. So your body can actually get the toxins out of your system. That's very cool.

Without reducing the inflammation what happens is the toxins come out of your lymph system. They go to different part of your body. It causes inflammation there. The circulation stops and that's the other problem. When you have a circulation stop somewhere else now you have the same problem all over again in another place. So, its very important to get on step 2. So we can stop moving toxins through your body.

Step 3.

Once step one and step 2 is cleared up. What that means is all the toxins that have no way of coming out  are now coming out of the lymph system. Into your kidneys and liver and out like they are suppose to. Step 3 make sure that your immune system is charged up to make sure that the toxic detox process is working over and over again. Now we restore circulation. After that some people actually need something to help them with some anti-cancer herbs to train certain types of immune system to focus on cancer cells. These herbs help the immune system to focus and actually reduces inflammation even more during this cancer detox.

When you clear out the circulation. Going through step1, step 2 and step 3 you have now enabled your body to go back to what it's suppose to do which is fight cancer. It can do that by pushing herbs in which allows your immune system to go in. The combination of anti-cancer herbs and immune system  can actually get rid of the cancer cells without harming the rest of your body.

So what diet changes do you have to do?

Well, if you been treating cancer alternative you must have changed your diet somehow. You eliminated foods. You started juicing. You um special powders. Special drops, enemas. So you are doing all kinds of things already which is fine.

The only thing that I ask is don't eat wheat. Don't eat sugar and use my juice recipe called the health tonic. The health tonic is a juice recipe that I use in my office. It's based out of this Bruce diet. It's a German healer who used this formula to cure cancer back then. It no longer gets rid of cancer anymore. But it still provides the foundation for your body to start healing. The reason why this juice is no longer as potent as it seems to be because the vegetables that is used is less potent. They're not as nutritious and the toxins that accumulated in our body are more toxic. The nutrients that we need are even less so we can't effectively get rid of our problem by just juicing alone. Like if we were back in the 60s, back in 67 years ago. We could of. But, not anymore. But, the juice recipe still has the basic foundation that your body needs to heal with, so we are going to use that still.

What I do is use high levels of antioxidants far beyond what you can find in foods. I made them into a form that gets absorbed into the lymph system, so it goes straight in and it goes and gets the job done. So it's much faster. You can get the same ingredients but in a powder form. But in a powder form it gets absorbed a different way. It doesn't go into the lymph system. So, I have to do something different to these things to make it absorbable so they can go into the lymph system and get the lymph system cleared out. So everything I use is things that you can find in any health food stores. But, the things that are in the health food stores unfortunately are in the form that are good for maintenance. But, it's not good to help us handle this condition we're in right now.

So the diet I expect you to change if you haven't already is no wheat and no sugar. Stop avoiding foods If you already eliminated the wheat and sugar. You can have some fruit. No citrus. Citrus has a higher sugar content so no uh no citrus. Apples are good. No berries. No white sugar. Brown sugar. Organic sugar. Special sugar from somewhere. No more manuka honey. No more organic agave. No more organic maple syrup. All that is not going to work and over long term is causing more problems than its helping you because sugar causes inflammation. Wheat causes inflammation. Wheat and sugar causes inflammation. So we're going to avoid that.

The other thing I want you to avoid is any type of processed foods of course. No more fast food of course. Meat and vegetables that's it. You have rice you have beans. You can have quinoa. You can have amaranth. You can have all kinds of buckwheat, if you want. You can have oatmeal. No wheat. No sugar. No donuts. No coffeecakes. No croissants. No cupcakes. No ice cream. You get the idea. The no list is very short. No wheat and no sugar and no sweet fruits. You can have everything else over here.

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So can we do this program. The six week program with my current stuff. If you're on some kind of nutritional thing that's anticancer. If you are on some herbal remedies or homeopathic that's anticancer “Yes”. If you are on chemo and you have to stop chemo because it stopped working “yes”. If you are in between treatments and you don't know what do do. Change your diet right away. Start juicing and that's it. The simplicity of this program is just high levels of antioxidants. It's only going to help you and because it's something that I found is not something everybody understands yet. But, the more people that get better on my program the more this program can be accepted and become a regular thing.

But, trust me when I tell you this is for right now whatever you are doing is fine. Just let your alternative practitioner know if you're working with somebody. Let your oncologist know you're doing this antioxidant thing and I'll give you everything that you need to know about it. You just need to tell your doctor what you're doing.

The cancer in your lymph nodes are not going to go away if the circulation is poor. Even if it temporarily went away it's going to come back. For those of us who have seen cancer come back over and over again know that there is a problem. That is not being fixed by the medical treatment.

I've had people who have lymph nodes cancer in one area and they had four or five surgeries over that one area. Every year like clockwork. So, that means that the condition that caused cancer was not handled. They plucked out this cancer. The inflammation, poor circulation, toxins accumulated continues and circulation stops. Cancer grows back and they somebody gets surgery again. But, by improving the circulation you can actually see the actual changes. People can actually get better again.


Well there is two ways:

One is you come to see me in Hollywood. We are going to ask questions. Detailed information about what's going on right now.

What treatments you had previously?

What your reactions were?

Were to the treatment?

Then we're going to assess you. We're going to analyze your lymph system and your kidneys. Your liver. We are going to determine if your situation is something we can help you with. So that's easy.

Now, the majority of people who can't come into the office. They need to send us a DNA sample. It doesn't have to be blood. It doesn't have to be something that it's going to hurt. A hair sample, hair has DNA. Cheek swab has DNA.


Cut fingernails have DNA. A little bit of skin scraping has DNA. Don't cut yourself. If you have flaky skin just give us some of the skin sample. What we are going to do is ask you the same questions and get the same kind of information that we need from you. We are going to test the weaknesses in your DNA to determine if those weaknesses that we can help you with exist.

So if you have swollen lymph nodes we're going to test to see if your DNA has weaknesses in circulation. If your body is inflamed we are going to test for weaknesses. If your body has trouble reducing inflammation. We're going to test for the immune system and see if your body actually has a weak immune system. If your body has cancer we don't know where it is we just know does your body have cancer. We are going to test the DNA for weaknesses. DNA weaknesses that actually trigger cancer cells. We can actually test for weaknesses for you immune system to be able to fight cancer cells.

Either way works. You either come to the office and we do the analysis. Or if can't come into the office, send us the hair sample. Well analyze the hair sample. We are going to see if we can help you because all we need to do is make sure that we have a starting point. We know what is going to happen first and what to expect next. Then based on how you respond is going to help us prioritize what to do with you. So you can actually get cancer out of your body and we do that by improving your own circulation. By reducing inflammation and honing your immune system so you can fight cancer again.

Thank you.


So what side effects can you expect?

Well, the worst one is it doesn't work. We've done everything we possibly can. We tested you. We found the problem and we either did the analysis on you or we analyzed you in person. Then we are going to say “YES”!. These are things that show that we can help you.

When we actually do these steps it doesn't work. That's the worse thing that can happen. The majority of people actually start to detox on step 1. They feel more tired. They actually feel body pains.

They get headaches. They get some nausea, abdominal bloating and that's step 1.

If you did chemo previously and you're doing this program. You are going to detox chemo. If we find that there is chemo residues in your system we are going to have to get rid of the chemo residue.

Step 2: reducing inflammation. Reducing inflammation is actually, its relaxing. It reduces the inflammation. It enables the kidney and liver to detox. All the toxins that are being flushed out of your lymph system can actually come out. You're going to feel frequent urination and frequent bowel movements. That's normal. That's just your body getting rid of stuff. Your lymph system is constantly dumping things into your kidney and liver.

On step 3 people get a surprised is you're not detoxing. Your kidney and liver is caught up and all we're working on is boosting your immune system. People get the steady rise of energy and the stamina goes up.

One of the things during step 1- step 3 does that it gets rid of mental fog. Your mental clarity goes up. Your energy goes up. Your sleep improves. No more body pains. You actually feel like you can get out of the morning and want to do something.

Step 3 just make sure that you have the energy to last you for the rest of the day. So people actually have this increase of the immune system and they actually feel much better. There's different parts of the program and each part is focused on very specific weakness. We need a constant communication from you so we know that we are in the right track. So the more information that you let us know about. The more we can help you by prioritizing the weaknesses and making sure we fix the problem most for you.

This whole process is actually a gradient step by step. One step follows the next. There is a lot of other things that I can add to this six step program in case we find other weaknesses. Especially with cancer we want to focus on what's important, but at the same time get your body ready to fight cancer as fast as possible. Once your body is ready. Ready to detox and get rid of toxins. Get rid of cancer. The whole process runs much faster and much smother.

Thank you.


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