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"I got a new baby girl! The psoriasis hasn't come back & I've lost some weight. My bone structure is better. I am digesting my food alot better. My body is functioning better." 

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8 Quick Beauty Boosts for Dry Skin and Hair

  1. Lack of hydration:

Just as you need to hydrated to avoid feeling the sensation of an extremely dry throat, it is essential to hydrate to keep away the dry and stretchy feeling from your skin. The skin cells are also made of water and need to be replenished for the skin to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water is the only way to go about this because water is claimed to be the best food for skin.

  1. Smoking:

Whatever the reasons you started, by now you must have realized that it does nothing to reduce your stress levels. The only thing it does manage to do apart from making you prone to various respiratory and heart troubles is dry your skin out and make you look like a cracked board. So quit!

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  1. Sun damage:

How amazing those few hours of fun in the sun make you feel! But then when you look at yourself in the mirror, you face falls. Literally. For the damage your skin has suffered due to exposure to the UV rays is apparent. You cant avoid the sun but you can use sun protection. Never forget it.

  1. Lack of exercise:

It makes you fat of course and that introduces very many more health problems but it also plays a role in the lack of luster in your skin. There isn’t enough flow of blood which is essential for the oxygen to travel across the body to each cell including the skin cells.

  1. Bad eating habits:

The skin needs different nutrients and those fast food joints you love are not where you will find it! Feed your skin the right food and it will respond with that lovely look you want. Tit for tat!

Now that you know what you need to stop doing. Here are the tips for healthy skin.

How to get healthy skin:

Tip 1: Minimal makeup

Ladies, can you please minimize makeup usage? It is really not necessary to always use a blush, concealer, foundation, mousse or whatever it is. It may add a fine coating to your skin making it glowing skin, but what about your real skin? Is it really glowing? No matter how expensive the brand is, it damages your skin to a large extent. We are not asking you to throw them off your shelf; keep those away for special days. The rest of the days, tone and moisturize your skin, use sunscreen. Let your skin breathe.

Tip 2: Face cleansing

This has been told by all beauty experts umpteen times when asked how to maintain healthy skin. Even if you are too tired after a long party, cleanse all dirt and makeup from your skin. Your face needs to be cleared of all the chemicals in makeup. The makeup acts as a tight mask on your face keeping your facial pores clogged. If you go to bed with all these makeup on, you’ll wake up the next morning with a huge embarrassing pimple.

Tip 3: Slather on sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must for your skin. The rays of the sun are harmful beyond thoughts. Skin cancer, premature aging, skin rashes all of these are caused when your skin gets too much exposure to the sun without any protection.

Use a big dollop of sunscreen with SPF on your face whenever you are going out to protect your skin of all the anomalies caused to your skin by the harmful sun rays. Do not care for the season or whether the sun is out today or it’s cloudy. Use sunscreen always. Beauty experts also advise using sunscreens even if you are at home or inside a car or even if you on a flight. Celebs swear by SPF measured sunscreen to keep skin healthy and free from any diseases or ugly tanning.

Tip 4: Exfoliating face

All the healthy skin tips for women say that you should exfoliate your face at least twice a week. Scrubbing your face will rid your facial skin of all the dead cells that might have clogged your pored leading to acne breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads. Scrubbing your face will also improve your complexion, adds a glow to your skin and also clears your skin of all toxins. Don’t keep your skin scrubbing daily, it will make your skin look even drier.

Tip 5: Moisturize

Yes, other than keeping yourself internally hydrated, also use a good moisturizer to feed your skin. Moisturizers do not add a great deal of moisture by themselves but they lock in the present moisture and are hence essential to keep your skin hydrated. After a bath, make it a routine to moisturize your face daily to keep it hydrated. Before bedtime, place a towel soaked in warm water on your face and keep for some time. This way the pores of your face will open allowing the moisturizer to soak into your skin.

Tip 6: Eat proper food to get healthy skin

Food provides life to your skin. Everything you eat in your everyday life contributes to a healthy skin. Only that you have to cut out on some and add some more.

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  1. Vitamin C rich foods:

Have fruits and veggies rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C manufactures collagen that is responsible for the firmness of your skin. So you quite well understand that lack of vitamin C in your diet will lead to the formation of wrinkles at an early age. Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant that prevents collagen damage. With Vitamin C rich foods in your diet, your skin will not suffer from dryness, wrinkles and fine lines around eyes or lips. Have all citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli and red peppers to tone up the younger look skin.

  1. Vitamin A:

Who doesn’t want a smooth complexion? We all do, but for that we don’t need to spend thousands of bucks when we have the solution in our refrigerator. All red, orange and green leafy veggies are rich sources of beta-carotene (a form of Vitamin A). It is necessary for cell formation and therefore your skin surface stays smooth and touchable. Carotenoids also protect skin from sun. Turnips, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, squash all of these are rich sources of Vit A.

  1. Healthy fats:

Nuts are fatty and are not good for health; that is a misconception. Of course nuts are fatty, but they are filled with healthy omega-3 fatty acids. This falls under that healthy category of fats that is essential for us. Have a handful of almonds and walnuts daily for a supple looking clear skin. Flax seeds are another good option to consume omega-3 fats. If you are a non-vegetarian, have salmon atleast twice a week. This fish is also rich in omega-3 fats.

The oil you cook your food in should also be taken care of. Switch over to olive oil which is a rich source of mono-unsaturated fats. It will bring a radiant glow to your skin.

  1. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes doesn’t need a very special mention when it comes to healthy facial skin. They contain a magical ingredient called lypocene which is an anti-oxidant that helps fight old age. It can keep your skin at bay from all old age signs like wrinkles, dark spots and patches or saggy skin.

  1. Zinc and iron:

Eggs, lean meat, oysters and cereals supply a good mount of zinc and iron to your body that imparts that much wanted celeb like glow. Zinc helps in cell production and natural weariness of dead cells giving your face a fresh look. Iron is needed to carry oxygen through the body that gives a blushy glow to your face.

  1. Fibers:

If you are the one suffering from acne often, its time you think of including fiber-rich foods in your diet. One of the reasons for acne breakouts is indigestion. And the best solution discovered so far to improve your digestive system is having foods rich in fiber. Having whole-grain breads, brown rice, apples, bananas, oatmeal are proved solution to minimize acne.

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  1. Water:

Drink enough water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated. Do not allow your skin to feel thirsty. For a soft, supple and dewy look, water is a must. Follow this diet regime for a healthy skin and cut down on all fried and unhealthy fatty foods.

Your skin will thank you!

8 Steps to Healthy Skin at Every Age

Dryness? Acne? Wrinkles? Easy solutions that'll keep your skin in great shape year after year.

Susannah Felts October 29, 2013



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Great skin year after year

Your skin can reveal the stories of your life, from the fabled glow of pregnancy to the less-welcome spots that surface from sun damage. You hear a lot about how to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, but there are many other simple health moves that can keep your exterior in fabulous shape, decade after decade.

Things People With Great Skin Always Do

Consistent Color.

The consistency of color in your skin is more of a tell-tale sign than the color itself. Any blotchy spots, light-colored, dark, or red spots, and any dark circles under your eyes are signs that your skin is a little worse for the wear. Lots of things can be the culprit—probably most notably, hyper-pigmentation. Blotchiness can be brought on by a slew of things, most frequently a bad reaction to an allergen or cosmetic ingredient. However, even your mood can cause skin blotches. Consider it the SOS of blushing—anxiety can manifest on your skin in hives or blotches. Considering your skin does most of its express regeneration while you’re sleeping, getting more of that will definitely do your skin some good.

Smooth Texture.

Closely related to consistency of color, the texture of healthy skin should be mostly smooth to the touch. If you have things like acne, white/blackheads, or tiny bumps called millia, your skin is probably really congested. Try to include a form of chemical exfoliation like using a toner with AHAs in it after cleansing to slowly melt the gunk clogging your pores. Since your skin absorbs whatever you put on it, you want to make sure those pathways are nice and clean.

General dullness in your skin’s texture and lack of “glow” could also be attributed to diet (and sleep). Your gut is a huge part of skin care, so whatever you eat generally feeds your skin—so feed it good stuff!

Hydration Levels.

We go through it every winter—the tightness and dry, flaky patches. If you battle those every season, however, it could mean that your skin is super thirsty. Despite popular belief, drinking lots of water doesn’t really benefit your skin that much, since water goes mostly to your inner organs first before reaching your skin. What you should do is opt for a smart moisturizer–doesn’t have to be heavy, just full of hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

Alternatively, your skin care products could also be contributing the dryness. Try making a scrunchy face after cleansing and drying your face. If it immediately feels tight, you’re probably using too much cleanser.

"My face broke out with big rashes. I used to have to take a bunch of pills. I went to Dr. Kwang and  did his detox program. He listens and is pretty understanding what is going on. I am a registered nurse and a friend referred me to see Dr. Kwang. I had low thyroid levels as another symptom and wanted to normalized my levels and get the rash on my face eliminated."

"I was over weight, liver and thyroid levels were los. I didn't want chemically enhanced medical program but wanted this alternative program. I was tested for different solutions and had 6 to 12 weeks of detox to improve the functions of my liver and thyroid. Since this treatment my psoriasis is gone. My whole body feels a lot better. I am digesting my foods a lot better. I no longer get stomach aches. When I cheat now, it's not so bad."

"Since I've started this Candida Cleanse Detox program, the psoriasis hasn't come back, I've lost some weight and my bone structure is better. I am digesting my food alot better. My body is functioning better."

Exercises to improve digestion

Here are three choices of exercises that will contribute to positive changes in your gut health. Any of these forms of exercise are beneficial in helping to strengthen the muscles in your abdomen. When they raise your heart rate, they are also increasing your blood flow that can stimulate your digestive system to rid the body of waste.


For those that prefer a milder form of exercise then Yoga is an excellent choice. This form of exercise revolves around different forms of stretching, bending and twisting. It is believed that some of the yoga poses that involve twisting help to increase the blood flow to the bowels. This in turn helps to strengthen the muscles of the intestines, and may help to reduce bowel inflammation and gastritis.


This is another low impact form of exercise with its focus being on the nervous system. The movements carried out in Tai Chi revolve around slow and circular movements of the spine. It is thought that this provides a toning effect on the digestive organs. Many have said that Tai Chi helps with their constipation.


Swimming is an exercise that can be performed at different levels. Many individuals with mobility ailments often end up with digestive problems, most likely because of their inability to move around as much as they should. Swimming often helps with the mobility issues, but a positive side effect is that it also helps with some of the digestive problems too.

All too often when your body is not as healthy as it should be, it’s easy to assume that you just have to put up with it. This is particularly true when talking about issues of the digestive system. By really becoming knowledgeable about how the body works, you can find that all-natural solutions like exercise might just do wonders for your digestive complaints. Give it a try!

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