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Eye Floaters - gradient steps to elimination 

The first thing is we determine if this program is actually going to help you. The first step of the program is we are going to unblock circulation.  To completely eliminate all of the inflammation this is a two part process--first is the kidneys and next is the liver. Some particles are eliminated in the eye and some respond from the kidneys and next others through the liver. This breaks down the clumps in the eye and once done you are home free. After this we will increase the immune system to strengthen the circulation to have total control back. This is a gradient healing so you know you are not going to get worse and can see the changes. For those with more inflammation in other body parts, that is taken up on another video. The whole purpose of being a Chiropractor is to help you. Eye floaters was a very common thing I have been able to help.eye floaters demo

Once handled eye floaters with our program there will be an increase circulation.

Eye Floaters - eye specialists shine a light straight into your eye and it passes through your eye floaters.  If there was a natural way to treat your eye floaters, it improves your circulation and flushes out clumps in your eye. Once treated most people don't have this problem any longer. Let's see what we can do to help you. 

Those with other body problems other health problems where they want specific help with the eye. If this was the body you have actual inflammation in the body which means you cannot eliminate in the eye. What we do is help eliminate the body first and then handle the eye floater next.




Eye Floaters - Holistic approach

The complication: In some cases the inflammation is so great in the body we have to handle the body first. When the eye floater program is not standard. We want to get results so we want to know everything about you. We have to know what's going on in the body and what's going on with the eye. The translates the light into the brain so that you can actually see. Eye floaters like to be in the middle of the eye. The longer they stay in the eye they seem to attract each other and seem to clump making the eye floaters big.

The inflammation and protein waste are the two things in the eye that go out through the channels in the eye with circulation in and out constantly pumping fluid into the eye. If you allow these inflammation particles to stay will clump into more. The longer you wait the longer it will take to clean out the eye.

names inside eye b4 retinaOnce the body is cleaned out of inflamation and improve the circulation in the body, you can then easily unblock the circulation channels - the fluid and fluid out which is the cause of the problem. Once handled we  will increase the circulation. 

In Chinese medicine, the liver stores the blood and nutrients that nourish the eye while the kidneys store the vital essence, which is necessary for good vision. Poor eating and lifestyle habits during the younger years depletes these vital substances. When combined with a buildup of metabolic and cellular waste in the form of dampness and phlegm, circulation to the sensory organs is diminished, causing malnourishment of the eyes.


Real Eye Exercises

Real Patient Comments

From Eye Floaters YouTube

"chandu karunakaran nice video..i have eye floaters...i am in UAE...how can i get the treatment"

Dr. Kwang thanks for contacting us. we can help but first we have to determine if our program can help you. please contact karla at scheduling.kwc@gmail.com.

"Fabian Patrizio Hi there...I just had an eye test...was told about floaters' (my eyes were good - just the floaters)....one though in my right eye is more of a blurry one (not the usual dark wormy like one)...that was my concern...I was told there's not much you can do they are kind of normal and unless you see bright spots all of a sudden, then dont worry, essentially..... would like to try getting rid of them though"

"Beer Me My floaters definitely clumped together over a few months. In the winter my eyes felt blurry and I couldn't focus well...then they started to form like cobwebs. Pretty cool but annoying. Took it as a warning sign and started liver flushes and eating better and sleeping better and getting on vitamins. This is a great video about the cause and solution!!"

"SHAIK SARKAR AL hai I have floaters from 6 months and went for checkup 2 time they are saying that everything is OK but I am observing worse in vision when I move my head quickly in the opposite direction am seeing bright circles"

"Very Funny (his handle) me too i have eye floaters but i live in morocco and here a domain of health is ugly"

"Mournful55 Thank you for your vedio, and I believe it can work. Please tell me how to unblock and increase circulation, is it by some kinds of herbs or what? I will appreciate it if you explain how to do each step. thank you again"

Dr. Kwang  everyone who has eye floaters is caused by different reasons. in order to find out your situation we will have to analyze your hair. please contact scheduling.kwc@gmail.com for more information.

You can find out more on www.kwangwellness.com.

"Uli Neunektar  +Kwang Wellness thanks , pal, I will check it out for sure. i think you are on the track on it, body intoxication must be the cause of it. Are you locate in which country?"

"Santiago Rivarola Hi, what are the risks of the treatment?"

Dr. Kwang +Santiago Rivarola Worst case scenario is nothing happens. Best case scenario is you are back to normal. Contact Karla @ scheduling.kwc@gmail.com to see how if this program can help you. Charles

"Zainab Khalil Hi I am only 18 and I got eye floaters after foggy vision due a long period of depression. so can you help me how to get rid of these away from my eyes"

 Dr. Kwang  Hi +Zainab Khalil Yes! Please download https://www.kwangwellness.com/hair-analysis-2/ the pdf and send in a hair sample so that I can help you handle the eye floaters.

"Zainab Khalil Hi I got these floaters after crying for a long period of time then I experienced after that a cloudy vision and goes and comes sometimes then I started to see black lines and dots drifting and float around inside my vision so is it possible to get them after excessive crying and stress period of time. thank you."


"Wathsi Fit  Hi doctor. Thank you for ur information. I'm from Australia. And I'm desperate. If I am to get your help do I have to be in US.? I got floaters in both my eyes and doctors say they can't see anything. I did try something called " ceragym" couple of months ago for once. Not sure of it stirred it up. Many thanks."

Dr. Kwang  +Wathsi Fit Thank you. Please contact scheduling.kwc@gmail.com to see if we can help you.

"onehonei2 Do you have an office in New York I discovered an eye floater today I been crying all day so sad"

Dr. Kwang We don't have an office in New York but we can help you with your eye floater by following what to do on our hair analysis page for people outside of Los Angeles: -Step 4

"hossain ur rashid  dear please help me long time I feel i eye floater .any solution it????"

"S.O Oyeyemi Hi Dr Kwang, I am a victim of this Annoying eye floaters. Please is there a way out to get this done without traveling to your place? This started 4days ago like a clustered strand of hairs in the front of my vision, but after 3 days now its becoming clogged together. Any help from a far distance?? Thanks I will really appreciate your response"

"Fabian Patrizio  Hi...I read that the blurry ones (not the regular, dark worm-like ones) eventually disappear as they gradually drop to the bottom of your eye.....is that true??? Ps; I've always had a couple of the squiggly ones (no big deal)...but recently a blurry one appeared (like a blotch, or like looking through a mirror that you've just breathed on)...it's not big but it's there"...

"Hi my name is liliana,I  have an eye floater and would like to know where or how to get the herbs."

"onehonei2 I think I have an eye floater it's a C shape it moves when I blink it's of the left side of my left eye and my eye is burning. I'm so scared but I'm going to the doc on Wednesday I just hope my eye is ok.

Dr. Kwang  Please find out website: www.kwangwellness.com. You can also contact Karla. Her email is scheduling.kwc@gmail.com"

"Barry Tanenbaum Excellent video. I will post this on Facebook on my eye groups like floaters, Migraine Aura's, & Visual Snow. Thanks again!"

"Ann Acevedo  Thank you for this information! I want to say to others that Chiropractic works! It is not just about back pain, it is a whole system working in tandem with your nervous system, enteric nervous system, endocrine system... heck all of you. I was ill for 12 years many times bedridden for weeks at a time, with bizarre symptoms that sounded like vodoo spells (over 40)... I worked with all kinds of medical specialists at the time - but none could explain. Chiropractic saved my life!!! I now believe they were triggered by mercury-amalgams (which can be a major problem all by itself), but I also had scoliosis (which straightened out completely) largely due to a slight but strategic childhood injury to base of skull, and poor nutrition which affected my hormones, and I was taking birth control pills which made the problems worse. So do yourself a favor and see a chiropractor for whole all around health. Chiropractic stimulates the various systems as each section is connected to organs and nerve branches informing those organs and systems - like an internet network. So if you have strange symptoms - it's always good to get diagnostics by a medical doctor (but you have to demand them from him) - but always see a Chiropractor! Especially if you are pregnant - makes delivery easier. (or Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment by an Osteopath who specializes in that)."

Dr. Kwang  Thanks for the cool story. i'm glad you found help.

"Elaine Kain: Thanks, I hadn't thought about Chiropractic and it's usually my first response to any ache, pain, illness! It's helped over the years with everything from sinus infection (neck) to 'female complaints' (spine), along with the regular shoulder / back issues. I use it along with home remedies to keep in shape".

"Djuro Vukotic Hey kwang! Thanks for this amazing video, for free and with good information. I developed cancer and was misdiagnosed for 7 months, during these 7months I developed Eyefloaters "5" and Tinnitus "6th" where as i finally had enough and was properly diagnosed!"

"Stapleton  Good to see someone coming up with a plan of attack on this, I'm only 32 and my health when down hill 1 year ago with heart problems and just feeling sick everyday...and developed these floaters....crazy thing is I was super healthy before all this. My only issue is that the vitreous humor or gel if the eye may limit the ability for these floaters to leave the eye, could take a long time but I respect the theory and think it's a good start toward this....personally I haven't been able to figure out what exactly is wrong with me overall but I know it either relates to circulation or something stressing me daily like a virus....wish I knew because then I could greater treat my problems. Much respect for the theory and methodology. Good photos too, mine are like the clear ones in ur photo and ur right I can literally see them get tangled and that's the shadows we see ...mine aren't bad at all but rather be healthy again! I'm only 32, sucks this happened to me but I'm trying my best to continue life....it's a fight now!"

Dr. Kwang I completely understand. Many people experience a decline and the eye floaters appeared. The approach is to rebuild the circulation and immune system and then focus on eye floaters.

"Eddy Ballester I was told by Drs that the floaters are proteins, or blood that accumulated as result of retinal tears. Laser surgery sealed area around the tear, but caused more floaters (and flashes still present from corner of eye particularly in dim light condition). First I hear that floaters could be candida, parasites, etc...very concerning. Thanks for your most informative presentations"

"Alan Hughes i use to get eye floaters i went on lipitor for high cholesterol and they went away if my cholesterol go,s up i get eye floaters .the doctor said its not related i think he is wrong cholesterol may have something to do with it."

Dr. Kwang +Alan Hughes Thanks for that. That is an interesting observation. I that supports the idea of bits of stuff that body can't get rid of. Lipitor stops the liver from making cholesterol. So your liver is making too much cholesterol and the extra cholesterol gets into the eye and causes floaters.

"ARJUN SHAJAN Sir,, I have the problem of eye floaters from the past 11 years,, (I'm 22 now), plz,, help me out,, coz itz very irritating,, where to send my hair sample,,, can I get ur office address......?? thank u."

"Yousef Fares Dear Charles, I am a 28 years old , and I got this annoying eye floaters after moving to malaysia.  and to be frank what are you saying make a lot of sense, where usually the specialist i visited gave me completely logically "un-accepted" causes as you are aging and so on. while i tell them these showed suddenly and i am sure if it was aging i will have that slowly and gradually. anyway, if you could provide me with the herb name to buy it here since there is a lot of chinese shops i would appreciate that so much. Thanks a lot in advance."

"Pawan Kumar sir , i have floaters in my eyes from 4year , i went to doctor they give me some medicines drops , but nothing happen ,day by day im worried about it pls tell me what can i do , i am from india delhi ,plz help ,,i thought i may blind one day,"

"Kristiniskool I see floaters in my eyes and I'm only 22. I've had it for a long time. Doesn't really bother me. The most noticeable one for me right now is whenever I look at a bright light, I see a small grey dot. Sometimes when I look at the bright sky, I'll see a bunch of squiggly lines. I just thought that was normal. Is that not normal?"

"Dral B Hi, I am also suffering from eye Floaters, would you be able to help me with more information. I am really seeking for a natural cure. If you can, please let me know as soon as possible."

"jl644  Why can't scientists develop a very safe treatment that everyone can do with eye floaters.. I have that.. and it's very very depressing... people who don't understand the devastation towards eye floaters don't really have the experience having them. I have lots of my hands; Glaucoma, had cataract surgery when I was less than 1y/o, and right now taking drops for my pressure and with floaters... not too bad but still. It's like looking through a dirty fish bowl!"

"Ruben Herrera Dr. Kwang i have floaters since i have 10 years old. Im 24 now. My floaters has been increasing. Im from puerto rico and really im scared because i have more and more each year."

Dr. Kwang I have received many requests for special magic pill for eye floaters. It doesn't exist. Eye floaters exist because the eye's immune cannot remove the particles. Over time particles accumulate to become large enough to be seen. There are multiple problems that can cause eye floaters. This requires an analysis. Hair analysis contains DNA which can show deficiencies in function. People who can't come into the office can send in hair sample.

You are all so welcome - thank you 🙂







Eye Rolling

Eye Exercises

Focus Shifting

Distance Gazing

1. Palming...Rub your hands together for 10 to 15 seconds until they feel warm and energized.
 read more
2. Eye Rolling...Slowly circle your eyes in a clockwise direction, tracing as large a circle as possible. Gently focus on the objects in your periphery as you do this, and invite the movement to feel smooth and fluid. read moreEye Exercises...the eye starts in the center, then traces out a circular, or to be more exact, an imaginary spiral line, until the circling of the entire range of vision is attained. The head must not be moved.

3. Focus Shifting...Hold one arm straight out in front of you in a loose fist, with the thumb pointing up. Focus on your thumb. While keeping your eyes focused on it, slowly move the thumb toward your nose until you read more

4. Distance Gazing...Rest your gaze on a distant object. Focus on the object as clearly as possible, while staying relaxed in the eyes and face. Take a deep breath, and then slowly shift your gaze to another distant object around you. Imagine your eyes  ... Have fun! read more

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for Eye Floaters | How to eliminate eye floaters | Los Angeles Herbalist and Nutritionist for Eye floaters | Dr. Charles Kwang provides holistic alternative natural approach handling for eye floaters | The Doctor explains how inflammation and blockages to body's immune system can prevent the elimination of eye floaters | Dr. Kwang