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How did Candida get into my body

How To Detoxify Candida, Fungus, Mold and Yeast

















"I know a lot of people will benefit from Dr. Kwang's Candida Detox Cleanse and Juice Recipes and, especially, his herbal and vitamin teas targeting Candida. I got my energy back completely."* ~H.T.

"I had no energy from having the Candida. I had a special problem with energy. I am feeling better. I think the herbs helped me maybe not 100% with my blood pressure, but I am feeling better.. Dr. Kwang is absolutely different because he listens to what I have to say."  ~M.A.

Stomach Ache: Abdominal pain gone after Candida Cleanse. "The candida cleanse is very good for those that have digestive problems, bloating, diarrhea or chronic constipation. The cause is that the body was toxic,,, This program restores the intestines to work properly. My name is Kimmy. I like that every week there is a progression. The biggest problem was constipation. I didn't want to be in another med and a friend recommend Dr. Kwang. I loved his diagonisis process. By week two things were looking good. I can't be happier with the results of this program. My energy is a lot normal.  I am excited about fixing my thyroid as well."* ~Kimmy * Results may vary.



CANDIDA DETOX COMPLETED ~  "I HAD SOME CANDIDA OVERGROWTH..."* "I started with the herbs and some tea. I come here and it's me... they are helping me. I had all of the symptoms, fuzzy headed, etc... I didn't know where to start. It felt like I was hung over every day of my life. Dr. Kwang understood the problem and I didn't feel crazy any more... I can't describe that in just two days I am my self again. I can work out with endless energy."

" "I GOT MY LIFE BACK!!!"*  *Results may vary.

"My sleep issue was stopping me from doing things in life. Dr. Kwang had me do the teas and said: but don't change the other regimens in my life, and now can get a good night's sleep. If I wake up, now I can go back to sleep. I have a sounder more
restless  sleep. "~I.W.

 "I had no energy. I had a special problem with energy. I am feeling better. I think the herbs helped me maybe not 100% with my blood pressure, but I am feeling better.. Dr. Kwang is absolutely different because he listens to what I have to say" P.A.  .  

"I met with Dr. Kwang and my entire life changed.  I can't tell you how many issues I had in my system due to the Candida and they are all gone." -Kerri.Kasem

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"I arrived to Dr. Kwang through the grace of God."

"Dr. Kwang started me taking Chinese teas & juicing to handle the Candida as a part of my treatment. ...It is a process that you have to follow with a routine. Now, I am not tired, I am feeling more energy, I am able to be with my kids and family, work and now function like everyone else"*. ~JC 

"My body had been weak for about five months. Two friends told me about Dr. Kwang and the successes he was having with people raving about his work. In two weeks my Candida was gone along with the heavy metals. My strength and energy greatly improved! Then a liver detox really did it, and handling adrenals. All in about a month or so, and I’m well. All other things I tried were not as effective. Thanks, Dr.Kwang. The teas work!" -A.F.

"Since I've started Dr. Kwang's Candida Cleanse program, the psoriasis hasn't come back, I've lost some weight and my bone structure is better. I am digesting my food alot better. My body is functioning better". -G.G

 "I had high blood pressure and problems on my left side of the body. I drank Dr. Kwang's teas different types and I feel much better than before. . I am much better than before. Dr. Kwang is very knowledgable."* G.P.



printerWelcome to my Candida Detox Program.

I've tried many things from other Candida Nutrition Seminars and applied to myself and others and found it didn't work. What is going on with all of these people where they've tried other programs and they didn't work. I've found a treatment that is complete. Other programs have value but aren't complete. There are a very specific amount of people with candida and when it settles into a specific body part, all treatments help liver but what if it's in the kidney, lungs, skin and other spread candida parts which will now be completely treated with my detox programs.

There might be this one thing you haven't tried yet in having your candida completely gone

I specialize in helping people out of pain.with the specific use for detox especially designed for your symptoms with: chinese herbs right diet, detox, maintenance, follow up.

Do we have to suffer Candida? No! I came to the same conclusion on many Candida Cleanse Programs. The good news was finding the right combination of herbs to eliminate candida out of the kidneys and lymph system and prioritize the program so that you can see the results. 

 Dr. Charles Kwang



DETOX... first

Discover all about Detox and
how to start your own program at home.


When all of the symptoms are gone then the disease is gone. It is amazing to watch

Candida thrives on sugar. With a diet high in sugar and refined food it will grow exponentially. It is almost as if our diet in the western world is a superfood for the yeast. Items such as sugar, alcohol, chocolate, bread, pasta, coffee, tea, fast food and any refined food all contribute to Candida growth. I've discovered from my research as a Nutritionist the correct amount of herbal tea and diet to eliminate Candida.

We can now test the hair analysis all over; not just in LA, Canada, France, England, Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico...contact us and ask about your location for permissions to detox... 

Candida likes our body temperature and lives in people, because we have the right amount of protein and sugar that candida loves. It likes to disable your immune system.  I have researched and discovered a way through Chinese herbs,  The correct diet with no wheat and sugar and proper juicing  to get to the core of the problem and allow the body to heal.. Do we have to suffer Candida? No! I came to the same conclusion on many Candida Cleanse Programs. 

What is Candida?

Simple Definition: Candida is the short name used to describe yeast overgrowth in the body. The technical term is Candidiasis. 

What is Thrush?

Candidiasis that develops in the mouth or throat
is called “thrush” or oropharyngeal candidiasis.




 Understanding Candida Treatment

First, we have to understand something about Candida (in fact, about all its fungal and yeasty cousins, including mold and mildew). Yeast and fungus are anaerobic organisms. That means that they grow, thrive and reproduce in environments that are short on oxygen (aerobic = oxygenated).

Two examples illustrate this really well:

  • Have you ever stuffed a wet bathing suit or towel into your gym bag only to find it a week later? Mildew-y funk! Why? Because it has been stuffed into a damp, airless (oxygen-less) space.
  • If a baby has diaper rash (which is a yeast infection), parents are advised after changing the diaper to “air out” the little one’s bottom for a few minutes – or literally, “oxygenate” it.

What Does This Have to Do With Treating Candida?

If Candida loves a lack of oxygen, it makes sense that providing your body with more oxygen will help in your fight against Candida.



How Common is Yeast Infection?

Yeast infection occurs in nearly 75% of all adult women at least once.  Yeast Infection occurs more often in people with weakened immune systems. Other conditions that may increase the risk for genital candidiasis include diabetes, pregnancy, Long-term use of antibotics or corticosteroid medications.


Candida - Natural Health Solutions -  I came across Candida as a major source of chronic pain and discovered a detox with herbal teas, vitamins and minerals that gets to the core of the issue. Watch the above video to discover why. I want everyone to understand this is the time to get yourself or someone you care about out of a deep hole as Candida spreads  so all can experience the freedom from this in life again..~Dr. Kwang * Results may vary.


Conditions routinely successfully addressed: 

candida, yeast infection, skin breakout, fatigue,  hives, rashes,
irritability, mood swings, anxiety, or depression

 Locations Serviced:Holistic Natural Health Practice located in the heart of Los Angeles CA and servicing all of Los Angeles Metro area. Dr. Kwang is a Los Angeles Natural Health Doctor for Candida servicing people from around the globe through hair analysis.

Be Free Of Candida

Get Rid Of Candida Naturally


Children, too, can suffer from candida yeast overgrowth – even infants. Children can get yeast infections in all the classic ways; the white yeasty coat on the tongue or lips known as Thrush, skin rashes -including diaper rash that won’t go away, anal rash and even fungal sinus and ear infections. The good news with children is that they they are easier to treat and recover more quickly from Candida yeast infection!

Children’s Candida Symptoms

  • Frequent and heavy diaper rash
  • Other “eczema” type skin rashes
  • Oral Thrush (white film in mouth or on lips or tongue)
  • Colicky longer than 3 months
  • Symptoms worse on damp days or in damp environments
  • Recurrent ear problems
  • Craving sweets all the time
  • Headaches


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