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"I HAD SOME CANDIDA OVERGROWTH... I started with the herbs and some tea. I come here and it's me... they are helping me. I had all of the symptoms, fuzzy headed, etc... I didn't know where to start. It felt like I was hung over every day of my life. Dr. Kwang understood the problem and I didn't feel crazy any more...".  

"I no longer suffer from Candida after completing Dr. Charles Kwang’s herbal detox program."

"I can't describe that in just two days I am my self again. I can work out with endless energy.


Completely eliminate Candida once and for all by completing a customized MyTea Magic detox herbal program by Dr. Kwang.



"Beyond the physical parts of me my soul, I feel better!!! I smile, I don't second guess myself. My body is running at maximum efficiency. Dr. Kwang really understood the Candida problem. I had candida overgrowth. I was depressed, anxious, bloating, the constant nausea as if I was hung over. I started with the cleanse, the tea, no sugar, no wheat the gluten days. Within two days I could feel the difference. I used to be sick all the time and now I got my life back."

"I believe you can take control of your health in any situation in life. If you really cannot, then focus on what you can control and fall in love with that for now. Be grateful for what you can do and for the challenges that keep you interested in doing better. Focus on gratitude and your ability to do better will be gradually increased."*

Visit more success stories on curing Candida on our YouTube Channel at Kwang Wellness 

Candida is a huge subject right now. There are elements of the Candida overgrowth struggle that are out of our control, such as modern houses, EM radiation, microwave radiation on wireless devices and Microwave ovens -- all of which encourage mutation in Candida and malfunction in the immune system.

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