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I am Dr. Charles Kwang. Thanks for interacting here. I have found that being a Chiropractor and a Nutritionist using Chinese Medicine and herbs has been my way of contributing to making a better and happier world.
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Kwang Wellness Center launches a new alternative medicine and holistic health blog providing news and information on alternative health therapies, natural remedies and Chinese medicinal herbs.

Online PR News – 24January '17 – Los Angeles, CA –

Kwang Wellness Center ( announced the launch of a new blog, Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health ( The purpose of the blog is to provide readers with news and information on effective alternative health therapies, with a focus on Chinese medicinal herbs. Kwang Wellness Center is an alternative medicine and natural health clinic specializing in natural remedies that help the body regain its ability to heal itself. Charles Kwang, the center’s founder and a former cancer researcher, is a Doctor of Chiropractic and highly skilled herbalist. “Because conventional medicine does not address the real underlying cause of an illness, patients can end up with chronic health conditions,” says Dr. Kwang. “The side effects of traditional medicine can also damage the body more than the illness or disease being treated.” According to Dr. Kwang, the new blog will provide people with useful information regarding alternative methods of healing that can quickly restore their health. A variety of topics will be covered, including (Candida Detox by Kerri Kasem), Eye Floaters and other remedies starting here, and alternative cancer treatment (; and success with natural remedies for candida, diabetes, coronary heart disease and endometriosis, as well as acne, weight loss and migraine headaches. Unlike modern medicine, which treats patients with drugs, radiation and medical devices, alternative medicine is a natural method of healing. Alternative health therapies have been around for thousands of years, and include the use of medicinal herbs to detoxify the body and restore organ and system functionality. After conducting extensive research on alternative treatment protocols and the healing power of medicinal herbs and raw foods, Dr. Kwang developed his own natural healing program to restore a person’s health. The program eliminates toxins from the body, reduces inflammation, provides liver and lymph support and helps with cell rejuvenation. “We’re getting consistent results with our current alternative medicine program,” says Dr. Kwang, who adds that patients are recovering faster from many different types of illnesses and disease.

About Kwang Wellness Center

Kwang Wellness Center is an alternative medicine clinic located in Los Angeles, California. Founded by Dr. Charles Kwang. The Center provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to health and the elimination of chronic conditions and illnesses. Dr. Kwang has also authored another "Millenial Type" website for those that love to continue with his herb teas and get their own education on healing and the body. 


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